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Direct Digital Apprenticeship Scheme is Proving to be a Huge Success.

Employers can sometimes be hesitant to take on apprentices due to their lack of knowledge and experience and the time and investment required from a business to ensure that their apprenticeship is a success and beneficial to their company.

Last year Direct Digital began rolling an apprenticeship programme alongside Woodspeen Training at our UK head office to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their skills and motivate them whilst working within a successful international organisation.

“I strongly believe that the time and effort spent on investing in apprenticeships reaps rewards for the future. We have valued staff who have come through the apprenticeship route we offer and I wholeheartedly encourage more companies to do the same!” Said Andrew Short – Managing Director.

Since the programme started last year as a business we have massively benefitted and the scheme has proven to be a huge success for both the company and for the individuals who are on the apprentice scheme.

Ben Evedon started his Apprenticeship with Direct Digital 10 Months ago.

“Since joining Direct Digital 10 months ago, I have been challenged since day 1 to develop my skills and knowledge throughout multiple areas of the business.

Alongside my day-to-day activities, I also dedicate 20% of my working week to a Level 4 Project Management Qualification, which provides me a great opportunity to earn whilst I learn. I enjoy the vibrant working environment, as it is one where everyone pushes for the very best, whilst offering a really good career development pathway.

This month I exceeded my monthly target by 37.5%, which has been my best month with the company so far. I am very excited for what my future here has to hold.”

As a business we believe that providing opportunities for younger people is important. We have staff that have been with the company for almost 20 years who have progressed and developed their careers within the company and we believe that providing apprentice opportunities enables us as business to develop individuals whilst also develop the business.

Danny Morley, Group Sales Director, works closely with some of our apprentices to help mentor and develop them in their roles.

“Working with and helping to train young people into apprenticeships has been as rewarding for me as the Group Sales Director as it’s been for our apprentices.

Working with people who are keen to learn new skills so that they can progress into employment can be both challenging and enjoyable. Passing on the skills I have learnt during my career and then seeing improvement in the learner makes me feel that I have contributed to that learner’s progress.

Watching them grow in confidence and become part of our team gives me enormous satisfaction, especially when they are bringing so much value to the business”

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. Our apprentices come from diverse backgrounds. With help from the team here, and the colleges, they have been able to complete their apprenticeships successfully.

As a company, we also benefit from apprentices, as most tend to be loyal, hard working and motivated. We need young people to come into our industry and apprenticeships are a great way for them to begin a career with Direct Digital.

We have a range of apprenticeship opportunities available within the organisation across a range of departments. If you would like more information on starting an apprenticeship with Direct Digital contact us for more information.

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