"Top 5 Marketing tips for businesses - The DD success"

October 23, 2017


These top tips are used regularly by us and are all integrated into our marketing efforts. So be sure to believe us that they are tried and tested methods, by Direct Digital ourselves.

  • Attend networking events

Having company representatives attend networking events and exhibitions is the perfect opportunity to make new business relationships. Your company can be present as either a guest, hosting a stand or as a guest speaker; either way ensure that your representative starts conversations with potential customers or contacts and is easily recognizable as being a brand ambassador. Networking events are always run for a specific industry or purpose- so do some research and be present where your competitors and potential customers are or attend events that will assist with your business objectives. For example if a business objective is to grow your expertise in an industry, attend careers fairs which will allow you to source graduates with the skills your company desires. When attending a networking event ensure you are prepared conversation starters and resources tailored to the connections you will make at that specific event, if going to an industry event where potential customers for your service/ product will be in attendance- have demo products and product brochures with you.

  • Maintain customer relationships, know their wants and needs

If you know your client base and understand their customer journey and it will be much easier to please them by providing them with the information they desire. If your customer receives what they desire from you before they ask this will resonate well. This may be in the form of a welcome email or a help form on your website which is easily accessible if they have problem. Knowing the information, support and service your customer desires and being forward thinking about it shows outstanding customer service. Being accessible and personable are attributes which many companies overlook and knowing your customer journey will allow you to give your customers what they really need, meaning you create and maintain a good brand image.

  • Publish great content which your customer base will resonate with

To create good content specifically targeted at your target audience you need to know them- this will be different for B2B and B2C companies but involves knowing, not exhaustedly: trends they follow, their interests and social media habits. If you know what your customers need, want and where to find them you can captivate them with your content. Content refers to what you are actually communicating with converted and potential customers. Strong written and visual content should work together to:

  1. Attract the desired reader

  2. Inform the desired reader

  3. Invite the desired reader to do what the purpose of the content is- whether that be call you, read your new blog or visit your website

  • Be social media savvy- use it to support your marketing strategy

Social media when used correctly and effectively can help achieve your business goals and can be used as a tool to create bigger, better business. As part of our recent rebrand social media was a vital part of our vision for change and growth. To use Social media to its full potential do some research into and implement the following:

  1. Trends (hashtags, usage etc.)  in your geographical trading area

  2. Trends in your business industry

  3. Platforms on which your target audiences are present

BUT… don’t play it safe, use social media to stand out from your competition and to relate to your target audience in inventive, noticeable ways, use your research to inform your decisions but don’t follow mundane patterns. Think outside the box and use creative ideas and different formats such fun competitions, guest writer and live streams to create a brand buzz. When you commit time to understanding and implementing effective social media tactics you can use your presence to build brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Be creative- don’t be afraid to share your brave new ideas

Businesses that have creative marketing ideas and are unique in their approach do not go un-noticed within their industries and customer base. Consider how different audiences will resonate differently to certain content but if your ideas are supported by research and knowledge of your target audience, don’t be afraid to be creative and unique within your marketing roll out. Creative marketing strategies can both attract and maintain a customer following.


We hope these tips help with your marketing strategy!

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