Did you know... Come Dine with Me

October 25, 2017

Did you know…

We have 2 come dine with me winners working in our HQ!


Come Dine with Me is a popular TV show full of good food, drama and big characters! Chances are you’ve watched the show while hungover or while chilling with a glass of wine after work- it’s just an easy watch isn’t it? Little did you know you could have been watching 2 of our staff members who have featured on the popular TV show. Oliver Roberts, our Concierge Direct Area Sales Manager, was on the show last Saturday which has sparked up some friendly competition with Andrew Short, our Group National Accounts Manager, who won the show back in 2014. We might have to host our own Come Dine with Me night to find our Direct Digital Come Dine with Me champion.


 I thought it would be fun to catch up with them both to find out more about their experiences on the show.

Catch Oliver Roberts on Series 39 episodes 1-4  (Lytham St Annes and Southport)



Hi Ollie, First of all what did you cook on the show?


Starter – Lytham Potted Shrimp, served on a toasted Ciabatta complimented with a caramelised onion and coriander chutney


Main Course – Buttered Chicken, with homemade Pilau Rice, Saag aloo and a cheeky Chapatti  


Dessert – Salted Caramel Choc Pot


That makes me feel hungry, what made you want to enter Come Dine with Me?


I got a phone call from the production team, they phoned my old office saying they were looking for local contestants- I answered and next minute they are at my house auditioning me in a bra and knickers…


Haha okay - I won't ask about the bra and knickers part, why do you think you won?


My food was awesome... I was just myself and made sure everyone was having a good time… but my food was awesome


What did you think of the experience - what were the best and worst parts?


The only thing I regret is not responding better to being told I was too nice to everyone by a fellow contestant but overall it was a funny experience and something I’ll always remember. I just did a bit of cooking, ate other people’s food, laughed a lot and got a grand – Thank You!


I’m glad I came across the way I did because I generally was myself and it was nice to hear that I did the area proud!


I also had a quick chat with Andy Short. Catch him on Series 31 episodes 41-45 (Lancashire)



What did you cook when you were on the show?


Starter- Twice baked Goats cheese Soufflé


Main Course- Goosnargh Duck


Dessert- Crème Brulee


We had a budget of £120 but I spent nearly double that on booze



Wow sounds fancy- and a lot of booze too! Have you got any inside gossip on come dine with me for our readers?


Every day you got picked up at 2 ish to be whisked off somewhere to do the menu reveal. Then picked up again around 4 to kick start the night for 5pm finishing off usually by 2am. The 5 nights where consecutive so pretty gruelling and lots of hangovers.


That does sound intense, what was the worst part of the experience for you?


I enjoyed the whole experience- The worst bit was probably getting a spray tan on one of the nights which turned me fully mahogany.


There was lots of drama from some of the guests though, arguing, throwing cups and when Peggy (An American contestant) asked Steve what his favourite part of America was and he answered Canada it really went off. No drama from me, I didn’t argue once, my tactics where to be like Switzerland.


I enjoyed the experience so much I even hosted a reunion 12 months later but one of the contestants refused to speak with any of us again.


That does sound like a lot of fun, minus the drama, what was your favourite part?


I’m still pleased that Steve gave me a full 10/10 score.


After all this talking about food I think I’m going to go get a snack now!  


Thank you to both Andy and Oliver for chatting with me. Check back to our blog soon for more fun facts and trivia about Direct Digital and it’s staff.


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