What to Consider about rebranding

November 13, 2017


What to Consider About Rebranding: Basic Rules to Follow


Here at Direct Digital we can’t quite believe how successful our Rebrand has been and it’s only the start of a new chapter for us. Find out about our rebrand and new processes at: direct.digital/launch


Infographic: How To Respond To Your Brand Evolving


The infographic our marketing team has created shows how an evolution of a brand over time can lead to the need of changes regarding a company’s:

  1. Processes

  2. Products

  3. Moral Ground etc.

Rebranding in our case was the decision made in response to our brand evolving after 18 years of continued successful business. Rebranding is more than a name change and your company must be at the right stage in their commercial and moral journey to make such changes. If this is something you are considering then this blog will be able to guide you.  

Time Can Affect Your Brand Image


Shifts in business practices and changes after a time of trading can, and will, change your brand image. All companies evolve over time, whether that is expanding to new products, new locations or new industries. However changes may in turn affect your brand image. For example, your name may no longer encapsulate what you do or your brand portfolio may be confusing to customers. Handling shifts in brand loyalty and customer satisfaction effectively is vital to your business’ success. Rebranding is one of many possible responses to such shifts which could, if appropriate, turn your business around.

How Can You Resolve Issues Through Making Changes - What Needs Doing?


You need to establish what you wish to achieve through your rebranding efforts - i.e. what has happened to affect the brand image and how you are going to approach it. The rebrand process needs to have clear objectives in order to ensure it is successful. A full audit of your current brand and it’s processes, products and functions will allow you to identify every aspect of your business and will allow you to consider the changes you need to make and in turn, how they will enhance your brand. The audit will help you decide which factors have affected your brand image and have stopped you from being as successful as possible.

Our List of Vital Considerations


  • Name (if changing)

Picking an appropriate name, getting it registered and considering how it will function with product names existing trading names etc.

  • What new processes/changes do you want to implement with the rebrand

  • What departments will require special consideration - who needs to be involved

  • What promotional material does your company use on a regular basis

Think: stationary, emailers, packs, contracts and how this needs to be modified or redesigned in line with the new branding

  • Online presence

Think: Social media, website, review sites and how this will change along with the new brand and what about the current presence needs considering, altering or re-hauling

  • Task lists, Task lists, Task lists!

Make them and stick to them

  • Human resources

The rebrand will take a lot of work - do you have the right people with the right amount of time and the right skills to do job

  • Motivating your team

The process of rebranding is a stressful process with a lot of ups and downs, you need to function well as a team, support each other, stay focused and not give up as I guarantee you will approach challenges and difficulties

  • Process of letting people know/ getting them on board

Who needs to know about upcoming changes and how is best to do this

  • Post rebrand

Think growth and expansion of processes or new material or online presence - how you’d like to continue evolving your brand- consider what would not be necessary to launch with but are there any changes you’d like to make after rebranding

Establish Deadlines/Targets/Costs


Once you’ve decided upon the changes you wish to make, you need to consider targets, budgets and a time frame to achieve the end goal. I have two words for you people… TASK LISTS! Your task list needs to include every single job that is required for the rebrand: an assigned person, the start date, deadline date and completion date. The task list should be kept up to date and be accessible by all team members working on the project and should be an extensive list of progress and outstanding work. We recommend google drive as the same project file can be opened and edited by every person involved - meaning everyone is constantly up to date with the progress and can work collaboratively and cohesively. The task list should be time framed so the completion date of the rebrand is met and could also, where appropriate, include budgets for each element of the project. See the task list below as an example what is important to include and how to organise it. Consider different pages of the spreadsheet for different departments or teams - whatever your company sees fit. As part of our rebrand process a big part of it was the planning and implementation of a brand new social media strategy – this had a team to work on it separately and thus its own page on the task list.


Above: Our task list for the creation of Direct Digital. Let all the green (complete!) columns inspire you that although this is a daunting and challenging project - it can be done!

Promote That You Are Making Changes


During the process of rebranding, one of the tasks which will need assigning is spreading awareness that you are making changes – the information needs to reach the correct people, in the correct format, at the right time. You need to think about who the rebrand will effect (staff, customers, third parties) and at which stage each of the stake holder groups will be informed (staff and customers may need warning about changes to expect prior to the launch) and how (think… emails, letters, social media campaigns). Consider ways to make this an exciting prospect and how you can thank your loyal customers and hardworking staff for their continued support.

Implement Changes


A launch date needs to be confirmed and this day is an exciting one! It’s a new chapter for your company so treat it that way- consider a celebration. Ensure all material is ready and everyone is well informed ready for the smooth transfer into your new brand!  Enjoy and have a pint to celebrate you will deserve it.


Abobe: Our Marketing Team celebrating their hard work at the official launch of Direct Digital


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