Why Is Social Media Important For My Business

November 20, 2017


Why Is Social Media Important For My Business?


Social Media can be an invaluable tool when promoting your business. It’s important to have an online presence. But what benefits will it bring to your business?



Social Media is the fastest and most cost-effective way to get your businesses name recognized. Share your latest products and services to promote awareness of your company name. The use of relevant hashtags exposes you to the correct audience; those who are interested in your industry, customers, potential customers and also competitors.  As well as sharing your products, promotions and services, it is important to also share interesting content that is relevant to your industry. Interesting news stories or the latest developments will break up the constant stream of advertising from your business and will attract a larger audience base.



Frequent customer interaction through the use of likes, comments and sharing will help your business appear much more approachable. Social Media allows customers to contact you directly and helps you to address any issues promptly. Establishing a business tone-of-voice is important when addressing customers online.  Anything stated online must be professional and consistent, however, adding a slight sense of humour or playfulness humanizes your business and develops feelings of trust between you and the consumer. This will contribute towards a customer’s decision of whether to choose you or a competitor’s service – they are likely to choose the company they trust more.

Audience Interests:


Analytical tools on Facebook and Twitter allow you to determine what content is more popular amongst your audience. With this data, you can create similar content for future publications, ultimately resulting in a more interesting newsfeed for your audience. This can also have an impact on the products/services your business supplies. From this data we can establish what your audience is interested in hearing about. This is another form of feedback from customers. The analytical tools can also provide data on the people interacting with your posts – thus giving you an idea of the demographic your content is attracting. You can use this data to help produce content targeted at this demographic or perhaps broaden your content to attract a wider demographic.



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