How to turn a business card into actual business

December 4, 2017

In October we wrote a blog about our tips for small businesses and within that we informed you about networking and attending events that allow you to do that. At networking events, or indeed in other situations, you will find potential clients: customers or partners and you will no doubt exchange business cards. These tips will advise you on how best to stop the correspondence ending there.


Simply put there are two types of business cards to address here yours and theirs…

Leaving your Business card:


  • Have the physical card add to your impression- make an effort to ensure it looks good and includes the correct, required information. Badly designed, cheaply made or cards with mistakes are more likely to be ignored or left in the bottom of a bag somewhere.

  • Ensure your business cards have links to social media/website somewhere which encourages connections and strengthens your reputation and impression.

  • Make an impression at your initial meeting by taking interest in them. Take the time to talk to them and explain what you can offer them.

  • JUST MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION! Have a good product and have confidence in it. Other professionals will wish to work with you. Successful confident people in the business world are more attractive for business propositions and partnerships.

  • If possible though take their details too and show your interest by reaching out to them (see below). Reaching out gives a strong impression and you will have a new business agreement before you know it!

Taking theirs:


  • Ensure you have proactive conversations and make positive connections. Ensure potential business partners will be expecting you to reach out to them (and are aware of you when you do).

  • Follow up the event with an email or phone call (This all depends on the nature of the potential connection). State that you enjoyed meeting them and offer them some value - what would they get out of connecting with you?

  • Have a sense of urgency - keeping the potential lead interested and give the impression that you care.

  • Keep your promises - if you have stated any propositions or a promised time to call - make sure you keep a note and follow up by doing exactly what you said.

Be sure to carry your business cards around as business opportunities could happen at any time; use your business card and these tactics as a tool to help towards forming business deals and partnerships.









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