Introducing Direct Digital's Employee of The Year...

April 6, 2018



It was to a huge round of applause that Georgia Lane accepted her award as Direct Digitals Employee of the Year while attending last weeks Annual Awards Party. Georgia is a key member of the Direct Digital Family and has grown with the company since joining us three years ago.


In the words of Direct Digitals Group Operations Manager, Alex Simunovic


“Georgia is modest and honest, puts in 110% into any and every task , skilled in multiple departments and can only be described as an asset to this company. A pleasure to work with and a true gem!! Some will know her as being my favourite but she is everyone’s favourite”


So we wanted to find out more about our ‘True Gem ‘ by asking Georgia a few questions about her time at Direct Digital and getting to know what makes her ‘everyone favourite’


How long have you been working at Direct Digital?

Almost 3 years, my work anniversary is next month!


Before working at Direct Digital, what was your most interesting, unusual job?

I’ve had a few considering I’m still quite young, but I would say my most unusual job that no one would expect of me is a Spotlight operator for pantomime’s Cinderella Goes to The Circus and Sleeping Beauty – and I also worked on a Michael Jackson tribute.


How has working at Direct Digital helped your career develop?

I’ve been given so many opportunities to learn here, I started off here as Customer Services working nights with an amazing team which really did help my confidence a lot. I was approached after approximately a year and a half of working for Direct Digital and asked if I would like to work as a Production adviser which is a great match with my strengths and another opportunity to learn another department so I took the new role – now I’ve had all kinds of training within Direct Digital – Customer Services, Complaints, Production, Publication and more – so now I have three jobs and I’m loving the responsibility of it!


What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

Employee of the year was definitely one of my greatest! I’ve also won Woman of The Year in a group I participated in, in 2014.


How do you personally define success?

Simply working to the best of your ability, if you don’t put everything you have into trying something, you probably will not succeed at it.


What job did you want to do when you were 7-year-old?

I wanted to be an actress until I was around 15 years old


What would you be recognised for if you ever became famous?

I enjoy making things, I’m sure one day I’ll invent something that everyone will need and be super rich famous for that, here’s hoping! J


Favourite Movie / TV Show?

Such a hard question because there are so many. I’d probably say that my favourite movie is The Proposal, and my favourite TV Show has to be Charmed or The Vampire Diaries.


What advice would you give to new starters looking to start out in your job role?

I would say firstly good luck haha it’s not as easy as it appears! But to have patience, there are some great days, and there are some bad days – like in all job roles in all workplaces, work as hard as you can and that’s all that can be expected.


Finally, what 3 words best describe working at Direct Digital?

Challenging, exciting, supportive








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